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Caucus – Feb. 27, 2024 7pm

It all begins here.  Political organizing begins at the grassroots level, your neighborhood.  Gather together at your local DFL caucus to elect convention delegates and vote on party platform resolutions.  Get involved to have a voice in deciding the DFL endorsed candidates and which issues make it to the DFL platform.

Want to learn more?  Get involved?  Send an email to

Click HERE to find your voting precinct.

Hopkins – Eisenhower Community Center
St. Louis Park – St. Louis Park Senior High School
Edina – Valley View Middle School

Convention – April 14, 2024 noon

Only delegates elected at the Feb 27th Caucus attend this Convention.  If you want to have the opportunity to vote on who gets a DFL endorsement, attend the Caucus.- see above.

Eisenhower Community Center, Hopkins

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