Letter of Support


What is a Letter of Support?


A DFL SD46 Letter of Support (LoS) may be issued to candidates seeking a nonpartisan municipal office or school board position.  A LoS is valid only for the election year and office for which it is granted.  Persons seeking a LoS need to submit a request each time they wish to receive a LoS. 

DFL Letters of Support (LoS) may be granted to multiple candidates.  This differs from a SD46 DFL Endorsement, which is support of one candidate and voted on by a large membership at an endorsing convention. 

A DFL Letter of Support (LoS) is recognition from the DFL party that the candidate has undergone a rigorous vetting process and represents & supports DFL values and principles.  

Candidates who receive a LoS from SD46 DFL have the option to receive support, such as purchase a VAN (Voter Activation Network) account, SD46 newsletter and social media announcement of candidacy as well as support and assistance with volunteer recruitment and GOTV.


The following Candidates have met SD46 requirements, and have been granted a letter of support from the District.

For St. Louis Park School Board…

For St. Louis Park Mayor…

Nadia Mohamed

For SLP City Council at-Large A:

For SLP City Council at-Large B:

For Hopkins School Board

For Hopkins School Board

For Hopkins City Council

What is the Process?

The overall process is similar for all nonpartisan (school board, and municipal office) candidates: Complete an application form, and attend an interview & voting session. 

NOTE:  School Board (nonpartisan).  The overall process is slightly different with school boards whose geographical boundaries cross several cities and organizing units (i.e., senate districts).      

For example, Hopkins School District, #270 crosses four DFL organizing units (SD 43, 45, 46, 49), and seven cities (Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Edina, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Minnetonka, and Eden Prairie). In the case of Hopkins #270, a special committee comprising members from all the DFL Senate Districts 43, 45, 46, and 49 will review applications and interview candidates who seek a LoS.  

The interview & vote date:  Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023, in-person, 7-9pm. 

For questions, please contact info@sd46dfl.org.

Applications, click below:

School Board

Municipal Office  (Mayor, City Council)

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