SD46DFL Represents the Cities of Hopkins, St. Louis Park and NW Edina

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Our goal is to keep you informed and updated about DFL SD46 happenings as well as activist activities with our like-minded partners.  If you have items you would like to be considered for inclusion, please contact

Under the “Save the Date” section, please make note of the DFL SD46 central committee meeting changes & cancellations.  Also, you can access details about specific events by clicking the highlighted links.

Under the “Be an Activist” section, please help make our mission–to elect democrats–a reality by becoming a neighborhood precinct leader. Precinct leaders are truly the lifeline of our organization.


The first anniversary of our organizing unit is a chance for community reflection and engagement.  Do you remember the excitement of redistricting, the energy of the 2022 convention and election campaign?  What memories do you have?

I remember being optimistic about the path ahead.  The auditorium was energized with positivity, delegates’ passion for DFL grassroots organizing, and gregarious political chatter.  We listened to political leaders & candidates, and elected delegates to the State Convention as well as officers & directors to lead our unit.  Allied organizations & candidates distributed literature, lawn signs, t-shirts, and stickers.  Tasty and filling  refreshments added to the festivity.

I also remember our first Central Committee (CC) meeting as a newly formed SD46 DFL political unit representing NW Edina, Hopkins, and St. Louis Park.  We gathered in community while sharing coffee and cookies.

During this time, my optimism has not waned.  But, I’ve learned that building anew requires daily nurturing.  To thrive as a political unit requires an engaged commitment to opening up our membership to under represented communities.  It requires constant fundraising to fulfill our mission to elect DFLers.  And it requires resolute & passionate activists.

I’m committed to expanding and improving our DFL community.  And I know you are too.  Together we will engage in the building activities needed to expand DFL values and programs.  While we are experiencing financial and activist stress now, I take solace that by working together we will expand DFL values to improve our communities for all.  In the words of the late great Senator Paul Wellstone, “We all do better when we all do better.”  

With much gratitude for our DFL community,

Dianne Blake 

Next  Meeting is our Holiday Celebration
Thursday Dec 14, 2023 


Nadia Mohamed, St. Louis Park’s new mayor!  Mohamed discusses in an interview with the New York Times what it means to become the first Somali-American mayor ever elected!  Read all about it HERE.   (11-28-23)

Congressman Dean Phillips!  Dean made it official that he is not seeking reelection for the MN  3rd Congressional District.  Read all about it HERE in this Star Tribune interview.  We thank Congressman Phillips for his support of DFL values and help flipping CD3 Blue.  Remember Erik Paulsen?  Let’s pull together and keep CD3 Blue! (11-28-23)

Larry Kraft TikTok Video
Larry learns to use the Voting System!
Bill Intoductions

MN Legislative Action

Tracks bills going through Congress

SD46 Brand Shop

T-Shirt!  T-Shirt!  T-Shirts for Sale!
Our first order of DFL SD46 T-Shirts is in!!  Pre-order/reserve yours now!  

$25.00.  Sizes – S – M – L.- XL – XXL.   Fill out the order form.  T-Shirts are
 available for pick-up at our next meeting.  

We accept check or cash.  Make check out to DFL SD46.
Bring to the next meeting or mail to: 

5115 Excelsior Blvd., #227
St. Louis Park, MN. 55416

Be a $$ Donor

Don’t have time to volunteer?  Consider a contribution.  No amount is too small or too big!  Well, maybe too big–call us!  Your donation helps our grassroots activities.  We elect progressive DFL leaders, get out the vote mailings & postage; voter registration activities; communication costs–website URL, PO Box; and much more!

Most important:  did you know that your donation may be eligible for a refund?  Click Donate Now to learn about Minnesota’s Political Contribution Rebate (PCR).  

Thank you!


The most important job I ever had
was Precinct Captain

                 -Harry S. Truman

  Follow in Truman’s footsteps.  The precinct is where it all begins!

Precinct leaders are neighborhood leaders who serve as the public face for SD46 DFLers.  Precinct leaders help strategize how to reach voters; get them registered to vote; educate neighbors about issues and candidates, go door-to-door to get out the vote; arrange neighborhood social events to meet & greet candidates as well as listening sessions to learn about neighborhood concerns; and much more.

Click HERE to learn about our activist opportunities!

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