SD46 Represents the Cities of Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and NW Edina


Welcome To Senate District 46 Leadership

Congratulations on becoming a Precinct Chair for the DFL Party!  This is a particularly exciting time to be involved in the organizing of your neighborhood. While this may feel like a big job, the Senate District 46 (SD46)  Executive Team will be working with and guiding you along your journey.

As a Precinct Leader, your primary goal will be to help get DFL candidates elected. In recent years, SD46 has been a major contributor in helping Democrats get elected in statewide races. Strong turnout here is necessary to offset the Republican strongholds in other parts of the state. Clearly your work in helping to develop grassroots  support for DFL candidates is important and makes a huge difference.

I urge you to visit the Minnesota Democratic Party’s website at Please send your email address to We send out a regular newsletter to committee members. We also communicate via email when important news is happening. Additionally, please consider attending the events and trainings we have planned this year and next year. If you know of an event and do not see it on our calendar or website, please let us know!

Respectfully and Thankfully, SD46 Executive Team

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